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Welcome to Pokemon Cintrine Official Website 


Pokemon Cintrine is currently being remade.

New Features

  • Experience the classic RSE style tiles with a new feeling
  • Brand new storyline based on the brand new comic drawn by Pokemon Munder Comic Productions
  • Sidequests ready to be discovered
  • Classic RPG feeling... and more......

 TimWu^_^2007-2010 Official website's being launched!

 Latest Updates

The new Pokemon Cintrine's Preview Patch is up now! Download it here:

pokemon cintrine preview.ips (22,5 kB)

Previous Updates

Final Release: Pokemon Cintrine Final Version 1.0.ips (618,5 kB) (Not tested yet) Pokemon Cintrine Final Version 1.05.ips (618,5 kB)

Fixed: Pokemon Cintrine Final Version 1.051.ips (618,5 kB)

Newer Patch

Pokemon Cintrine Middle Beta (New sprites included).ips (521,5 kB)

New Patch~

Pokemon Cintrine Middle Beta.ips (510 kB)


pokemon cintrine middle demo1.ips (460,5 kB)

make sure you patch it using Lips.exe (94,5 kB)

Download this clean rom if you faced bad patching only

Extract it and play it with VBA

New Pallete

Promandu Town

Old Promandu Town

New Promandu Town

(please be noted that this is the end of middle demo)

Middle demo's palletes is still in the old form


A thread for Pokemon Cintrine


Click here to go into the forum.

A great forum but have to sign up first.


The law of Wuffy

Request from Keiredmax

The first hack that i have completed

Download demo here!


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Visitors notice

18/11/2008 07:46
Great news! Beta 2 of Pokemon Cintrine came out just today!! Contact me for more details.

Website launched

18/11/2008 07:45
This website will let you download the latest version of Pokemon Cintrine!!

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